5 Types Of Signs Every Art Gallery Needs

Gallery signs can be as important as the art. Signage is essential for every business because it communicates brand values and makes a first impression.

What are the reasons for signs in an art gallery?

They act as a wayfinding system

Wayfinding signs are signs that give directions. Many wayfinding signs are important for art galleries, including exit signs, toilet signs, and signs pointing toward exhibitions. If your gallery spans several floors, wayfinding systems can be especially helpful.

They allow you to spread brand awareness

Every business has branding. It is essential to reflect this throughout your signage. Your branding can include logos, text, and images that are associated with your business. A strong and identifiable brand is essential because it allows people to associate certain things with your company.

They give people first impressions

It is important to make a good first impression of your business. We live in an era where first impressions matter. Your external signage is one of the best ways to make a lasting impression. High-quality signs will always make a greater impact than outdated, faded signage.

What Kind of Signs Should Art Galleries Display?

External Fascia

A sign that attaches to your business’ front is essential for people to know your business’ name. Because it is often the first thing people see about your business, an external fascia can make a big impact. A sign’s quality or condition can deter people from visiting your business. It is important to maintain yours in the best possible condition. We designed and manufactured the exterior signage for Clarendon Fine Art to perfectly match their modern branding.

Window graphics

Window graphics are great for art galleries because they add personality to your gallery’s front. It could be as simple as displaying your gallery name on the windows or it could be a way to advertise a new exhibition. Window graphics can be changed easily and are very versatile.

Projection of signs

A projecting sign, which is a sign that mounts to the side of a building, are LED neon sign with two sides. These signs are great for increasing exposure because they can be seen from multiple directions. This also makes it easier for people to find your business. Hanging projecting signs are a classic choice for art galleries. They’re a great way to add traditional elements to your gallery.


It is important to inform people who visit your gallery about the artist and the name of the piece of art. Plaques are very small but can still be made to match your branding. Plaques should not be too complicated to distract from the main attraction.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are a great addition to art galleries that want to increase interaction in their space. Wall graphics can be modified frequently, just like window graphics. Wall graphics can be used as wayfinding devices, such as a map or LED neon signs. A graphic that tells visitors what to expect on each floor. Your written wall graphics should be at eye level so that they can easily be seen.

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