How to Keep Your Neon LED Signs Looking Great in Rainy Weather

Rain is one of the top concerns customers have about NeonLED signs. Sure! You can! Neon LED signs can be used outdoors even when it’s raining.

Neon LED signs are available for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor LED signs are waterproof. They can be used in heavy rains and even torrential downpours. Because of their construction, they are resistant to breakage and fire outbreaks.

Let’s divide this topic so we can get a better idea of outdoor neon LED signs.

Can neon LED signs be placed in the rain?

These signs can be used with no problems. It is not like traditional glass neon signs.

It can be tricky to use the glass ones outdoors in the rain or other adverse weather conditions. Because of its delicate nature and the potential dangers associated with handling glass, it can be difficult to use outside in the rain or in adverse weather.

If you need your neon signs waterproofed, many manufacturers offer waterproofing options. However, this is a must for all LED neon signs outside.

If it rains the LED modules on your strip will still work. These are what light up your signs once an electrical current passes through them.

The LED neon sign can be waterproofed by sealing all openings. It seals the sign’s main area to ensure that nothing can get in. Your sign will be able to illuminate your space even in the rain.

Are you wondering if you can waterproof indoor signs? This is also possible. It’s for safety reasons. The LED sign is protected from water damage regardless of where it is placed or what the situation is.

Neon LED Signs Are Waterproof?

The waterproofing feature is essential for neon LED signs intended for outdoor use. You will need to specify the indoor uses.

This arrangement can be made with the manufacturer, particularly if you need waterproof indoor signs. It allows you to use it without any stress regardless of where it is located or the current operations.

What to avoid when installing neon LED signs outdoors?

People are now considering neon LED signs for outdoor usage. They are abandoning their glass counterparts. It’s because of the versatility and atmosphere.

You can choose from a range of colors or customize them to meet your requirements. These can be used for virtually any occasion. To match your theme or type of event, you only need to customize them.

Even though all of this is beneficial, it can lead to problems if the installation is not done correctly. You must be familiar with electrical wiring and have the necessary experience to install outdoor lights.

If you do not have the skills or knowledge to complete the task yourself, it is best to seek professional assistance. However, self-installation is possible if you consider these points.

1. Bending of the Light Strip

No doubt, LED neon signs are flexible and can work well if installed correctly. When mounting the light, ensure that it isn’t bent upwards or downwards.

At no point should the light curve in arches or dip. This could damage the sign. The most common problem is the failure of the light.

2. Maintain some distance

Signs could be placed in a parallel arrangement. It is important to ensure there is enough distance between the signs.

Do not place them too close together. Each should be at least half an inch apart. The LED lights may heat up if signs are placed too close to each other. You might also find your lights last less time.

3. Avoid installing it below the water

Outdoor neon LED signs have the advantage of being waterproof. They are weather-resistant and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you can immerse them in water. Underwater lighting may be required in some areas, like swimming pools. Alternate methods may be necessary.

Asking experts and swimming pool builders for advice can help you choose the right lighting.

4. Keep it off the Spool.

Some LED neon signs are wrapped around spools. They can be easily wound around spools to ensure compatibility and portability.

When the LED sign is still taut, it’s not appropriate to light it. This increases the chance of it malfunctioning. If the current is in tight places, it may not light.

It prevents heat from flowing through. It is important to take down the sign before it is lit, even if it’s only for testing.

5. Pick a location carefully

Signs should be prominently visible so that anyone can see them. However, you should be mindful of where it is being installed in your outdoor space.

You should choose a spot that is clear of obstructions. It should not be able to move around. Do not put the sign on windows, doors, gates, or other places. These areas have greater movement.

Instead, a LED neon sign placed in a non-moving area will increase its durability. There is no compromise in performance.

How to ensure safety for neon LED signs in the rain?

Rain can be a tricky situation. Outdoor lights in rainy zones should be used with caution

A) Use Outdoor Rated Neon LED Signs

Neon LED signs are not recommended for outdoor spaces. Regular LED neon signs work well in outdoor spaces such as patios and balconies.

The entry of moisture could pose a problem with functionality. However, not all neon LED signs are suitable for outdoor use. Some signs are suitable for use in wet environments only.

Others are weatherproof, while some are weather-resistant. Always check the packaging. This is what manufacturers indicate on the packaging. You should also ensure that your signs can withstand harsh weather conditions.

B) Select the Correct Position for Neon-LED Signs

Neon LED signs are not allowed. Avoid areas that are subject to frequent movement, just like in the previous paragraph. It can affect the durability and appearance of your signs.

It is best to cover areas you don’t want signs in with the right coverage. Outdoor receptacles can be placed on the porch or screened-in patio.

Protect your sign from harsh weather conditions by purchasing a door cover. Also, make sure that the cover is easily closable. These areas may be damp. This is why you need to make sure the cover that you buy is suitable for these areas.

Outdoor receptacles might not be covered by a roof or protected by a cover. You will need to cover the outdoor receptacle.

In-use covers can be purchased by some companies to cover signs. The cover will keep the plug and the receptacle inside it dry. The cover is waterproof, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is like hot, rainy, or pouring.

Use Light Shields

Outdoor neon signs can be placed on the main system. However, it is possible to place the fixture in an open area. You should invest in light shields of high quality.

Light shields can be small but clear boxes that you can place over your outdoor neon light fixture. They protect them from moisture and keep them out of the housing or light fitting.

When your sign is dry, it will be durable as per the manufacturer’s specifications. It may live beyond its expected lifespan if it is taken care of properly.

D) Install Weather Resistant Receptacles

Essential knowledge of electrical operations is required. It is crucial to seek professional guidance if in doubt.

You should always plug temporary loads into outdoor receptacles. You should also avoid running the cord outside of the house, particularly through windows or doors.

Weather-resistant receptacles are required. Weather-resistant outlets were not required in the past. However, they are now becoming increasingly important.

These covers might not be necessary for older homes. However, they might be covered with weatherproof material. Remember that these receptacles have to withstand dampness.

The other aspects they accept are heat and freezing. However, they must not damage the receptacles or neon LED signs.

Make sure that the products you choose are suitable for outdoor and weather-resistant use. A regular LED sign will last a lifetime and it won’t work if you buy one that isn’t weather-resistant.

E: Be Aware Of Material That Can Catch Fire

Poorly installed light fixtures can lead to fire outbreaks. However, neon signs are designed to emit less heat waste.

But, make sure to avoid fixtures or lighting materials that emit a lot of of heat. You can also reduce the number and size of your bulbs.

Signs should not be placed near any materials that could ignite. A good accent light can be placed below an open space.

The glow and light that the position produces might make you fall in love. If the space is uneven or has hay, you may not be happy with the results.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to make advancements in lighting systems. Many are replacing the glass neon signs with LED neon signs. This allows them to use neon LED signs outdoors, without worrying about the weather.

Your creativity is endless because of their versatility. It is now that you are ready to move forward with your creative ideas.

These precautions should be followed if you plan to install these signs yourself. If this is not possible, professional help should be sought.

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