Neon LED Signs: How to Enjoy Them Without Getting Hurt

Many people are concerned about what happens should they accidentally touch a Neon LED sign in error.

Of course, anyone can play with LED neon signs. Because custom-made Neon LED signage emits extremely little heat.

They’re safe to handle if they are handled. They are also different from neon signs that heat faster and could be hazardous to contact.

That’s why Neon LED signage is gaining popularity at a rapid rate among businesses as well as households.

Can you touch the Neon LED Sign?

Yes, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t. Both the environment and people are protected from neon LEDs.

Its low-power production lets it produce enough heat while also reducing its output when active. You can touch it with worry (only if you have to). It could be during cleaning or when making adjustments.

Moreover, their durability is also higher. There is no chance of breaking glass from overheating. So, it is safe to say that there are few to no hazards.

However, it is important to get them installed by a professional and take care of the Neon LED signs.

Are neon LED signs Dangerous in Any Way?

Research shows that the benefits outweigh the cons. These are more eco-friendly than the alternatives.

LED neon signs are now available with unique looks, designs, styles, and feel. Technology and manufacturing techniques allow for distinctive designs. It’s not like traditional neon signs.

There are additional reasons to believe that neon LED signs don’t pose a threat to your home and everything within it. These are potential reasons for you to shift from traditional neon signs.

1. Improved Construction

LED neon signs are an amalgamation of plastic, acrylic, as well as LED light. They also have a variety of individual bulbs.

There’s a lot of craft that goes into its design, construction, and production.

Pick what feels right for you. The result is a glowing and bright look without using neon gas or argon. There is no need for fragile gas like in conventional neon lights.

2. Plenty of Light

LED neon lighting is now an option in a time when most people are conscious about their eye health. The lights are visible throughout the day.

They’re easy to read even from afar. If you look at traditional neon signs from a distance, they can be blurry.

3. Affordable Price

Everybody wants lighting to be extraordinary. However, the lighting should also save as much money as it is possible to save during purchase and fitting.

LED neon signs can be more affordable than conventional neon signs. In addition to the cost of purchasing and the lower cost to run. Additionally, they require low maintenance.

4. Space-saving

Most traditional neon signages are much thicker than LED neon signs. What sets them apart in space consumption is their depth.

The older designs have tubes that you must extend further from the back. The result is a depth of between 3 to 5 inches.

It’s different from LED neon signs which are one inch thick. You can create them in any size you like to fit your space and style.

5. Environmentally-safe

LED neon signs are more eco-friendly than traditional neon signs and consume less power. The research shows that they use six to ten more energy per hour than other neon signs.

They release less heat, and they are cooler to the feel. This is in contrast to neon gas signs.

Because they use less energy, they’re affordable to operate and maintain. Furthermore, Neon LED signs don’t emit harmful gases like argon.

Do You Feel Like Touching an LED Sign Making You Burn?

There aren’t any dangers of burning by touching LED neon lights. It is still a concern for potential buyers and I fully understand why.

What you must know is the design of Neon LED signs. Of course, it is very similar to conventional neon signs. But, their material and mechanisms are quite different.

Many people believe that LED neon lights can be dangerous because they contain many tiny bulbs. This is not true!

They are more efficient. They let less heat into the room and do not heat enough to burn you.

I could describe their heat as lukewarm. If you have floor signs It’s very small and will not cause harm to babies.

LED neon signs are more secure to touch and pose the least risk of burning. Importantly, however, it is essential to install them correctly.

We only use high-quality LED neon lights. So all you need is to find help from a professional if you’re not confident about your electrical abilities.

NeonCraftsman is a company that puts safety and quality first. We will never compromise the safety or comfort of our customers through the use of building materials.

How to Care for Your Neon LED Signage to Keep It Safe?

1. Make Your Neon Signs Clean

Weather and location will dictate how often you clean your home. Yet, of course, your habits and activities can also influence your cleaning schedule.

In time, signs accumulate dirt and become soiled. If you want to maintain your signs, the first thing you should do is get them cleaned.

If your signs are taller you should seek help from a professional. Professionals will be able to help you clean and maintain your NeonLED signs. They’ll do this without causing any damage to them.

2. Check the LED sign on your neon for any damage.

Once you clean your sign well, ensure you inspect it for cosmetic and structural damage. If you spot problems get help from a professional.

Things you should look out for on the neon lights in your outdoor area are dim or flickering lights. More are rust and chipped paint. Others are holes, cracks, and discoloration.

Physical damage means that you need to check the lighting in-depth to find any more extensive issues. You should be aware of any rusty fixtures as well as broken or dirty bulbs.

The problem with faulty wires is another one. However, do not attempt to fix the wires you have without the expertise. It’s dangerous for yourself as well as your sign.

If you’re not sure how to proceed, you can seek help from a professional. This is to ensure your safety and to ensure the long-term durability of the LED neon sign.

3. Upgrade Your Signage Installation

What is the age of your LED neon signage? Are you sure it’s as old as your home or company? It could be time to get an upgrade.

There can be so much hard work that goes into choosing the right LED neon sign for your area. Upgrading from old signage with new ones increases the brightness of the LED sign.

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Also, you’ll save electricity and energy costs. LED neon signs are much more noticeable to customers and attract more attention. Customers can view these signs from a further distance, which increases their likelihood of walking through.

For greater efficiency, you can replace all lights in your area with LED neon lighting. Since they’re brighter and more attractive they are also less difficult to install.

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