How to Care for Your Neon Signs and Prevent Damage

Are you in dire need of a complete cleaning of your neon sign?

Over time and with extended use, neon signs attract and collect dust, bugs, mold, grease as well as spider webs. To ensure that your neon lights maintain their bright, colorful, and attractive appearance periodic cleaning is required.

Neon signs can be an enjoyable method of adding an artistic flair to your business environment. But, it’s vital to maintain cleanliness. Most often neon signs are utilized to draw customers when displayed outside. The neon lights are also used indoors to bring color and character to your home.

The last thing you want is for people to notice how poorly maintained your signs are.

Modern neon signs that use LEDs are protected by a protected plastic, whereas traditional neon signs have a more fragile neon glass tube. Traditional lights can be hot to the touch when they are lit. However, LED neon sign don’t become as hot after they are lit.

As a result, cleaning modern neon signs have become much easier.

Dust Removal

Because there are no toxic gases present that are present in modern neon signs, they’re safer to use than traditional neon signs that contain noble gases.

It is essential to turn off the sign and unplug it before beginning any kind of handling. After that, you can let the sign cool off over some time since it may become hot over long periods.

Begin by using a feather brush to eliminate any dust. Next, you can make use of a nylon brush that has long soft bristles and brush off the remaining dust with light pressure.

Remove as much dust as you can before deciding if it’s essential to do a more thorough cleaning to eliminate dirt and stains using an aqueous clean.

Cleanse Stains and grime

Mix 1/2 cup household ammonia and 1/2 cup water in a container to wash away stains. Then, wet a cloth with the mixture, and wring out any excess. Remove all stains or dirt from your signs.

It is simpler to clean LEDs by using the polymer coating. It is nevertheless important to turn off the light and disconnect the power source during wet cleaning.

Are you not keen on using ammonia? Alternatively, you could substitute ammonia for a baking soda and vinegar mixture.

Beware of This At All Costs

Do NOT soak the sign in the solution or water during the process of cleaning. Also, special attention is required if there is block-out paint used on the sign. Before cleaning the entire sign, make sure that you test a small area.

Are you ready to purchase a modern, safe LED neon sign?

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