Finding Balance in a Technological World: Living with AI in Harmony

How can we live in the age of AI

Pan Yanpei, St Paul’s coeducational College

ChatGPT has been creating waves. This powerful tool can increase productivity and make life easier but its impact on society can’t be overlooked.

ChatGPT is a revolutionary device that could transform your way of life and work. Its ability to understand and respond to queries can be used for a wide range of jobs, from customer service to education. However, some people are concerned about the possibility of unemployment and whether AI could be misused.

Who knows what impact ChatGPT will have on the world? Photo: Shutterstock

Firstly, we should be aware of the most recent developments. This will enable us to make better decisions and to be prepared for changes. The second reason is that it is essential to develop new skills. AI is predicted to automatize many jobs, so it is essential to develop new abilities that are hard to duplicate by machines, such as the ability to think and be emotionally intelligent. AI can be used to AI to improve our products and capabilities, rather than thinking of it as something to be worried about. We can automate repetitive tasks which free us up to focus on innovative or strategic work.

Finally, issues such as privacy concerns and biases should not be neglected. AI must be used ethically.

Is ChatGPT the future of learning? Teachers and students discuss ways schools can be more flexible.

Pay attention to our neon signage

Eunice Ho Yue-yin, Pui Kiu College

Many neon-lit signs have been taken away by the government from Hong Kong’s busy streets. Is this a good idea or not? Some are in favor of keeping this tradition alive, while others feel that these signs are dangerous.

Removal of the neon signs is like taking away the most popular tourist attraction. Believe it or not, many Taiwanese tourists come to Hong Kong to gaze at the awe-inspiring neon signs. Although their removal might not have a major impact on tourism it can be a big disappointment for many tourists who find the sights they love are gone.

Hong Kong’s once ubiquitous neon signs have disappeared over the last 10 years. Photo by Connor Mycroft

Neon signs are an art form that cannot be substituted by the latest technology. These custom neon signs provide Hong Kong its character and attraction. Hong Kong is famous for its neon signs that can be seen even in The Peak. They have shaped our history.

Many people might argue that neon signposts pose danger to pedestrians because many of them are in poor condition. This is a valid concern as many of the neon sign manufacturers are no longer in their prime.

It is hard to imagine that the government could renovate old buildings, but it’s not just a few neon signposts. They are part of our past too.

The Shop’s version of Hong Kong’s iconic custom neon signs is a reminder of the present as well as the past

There are pros and cons to being vegetarian

Jimmy Guan Changyi, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Vegetarianism is a choice of lifestyle that has gained popularity in recent times. It is a way of life which does not eat meat or seafood. Vegetarians cite a variety of motives for their decision that include environmental, religious, and health concerns. As with many lifestyle choices, it comes with both cons and pros.

Studies show that vegetarians are more likely to have lower rates of heart disease as well as high blood pressure, and some types of cancer. This is because a plant-based diet has less saturated fat and cholesterol, as well as more dietary fiber. Vegetarian diets have proven to be efficient in weight loss. Another benefit is the reduction in environmental impact. Meat production is a big source of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution of waterways, and deforestation.

Iron and protein are both important. It is possible to obtain these nutrients by eating a vegetarian diet. However, you must plan it carefully. A vegetarian diet can cost more than a diet based on meat.

If you’re a vegetarian, it’s essential to have a balanced and healthy diet. Photo: Shutterstock

A pandemic in obesity

Suri Chan Tin-wing Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si College

While everybody is delighted with the removal of the mask mandate but the pandemic has led to a rise in obesity among Hong Kong children. The number of kindergarteners and primary schoolchildren who are overweight or obese rose by 1.8 times during the time of pandemic according to the South China Morning Post.

Unhealthy diets are one of the main causes. As we remained at home food delivery services came in handy and are the reason for the growth of delivery services like Foodpanda and Deliveroo. These platforms are popular with kids who purchase food online. Because take-out food is often filled with salt, fat, as well as sugar, it could cause harm to our health. Insufficient exercise is also the reason. During the pandemic, outdoor amenities were closed. Children could not go to playgrounds. Many people sat on the couch all day long, taking classes online.

Overweight people are more at risk for serious health problems. This can affect our mental health. Self-esteem issues are a typical result of body anxiety.

Schools should organize activities that encourage healthy eating and fitness for students as well as aid them in making informed decisions regarding their lives.

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