Winning the Walk-In Game: Utilizing Neon Signs to Increase Business Visibility

Neon lighting was a boom in the 90s and the craze never died down since. They’ve been the subject of many songs and business schools have created tales regarding their capacity to increase sales. They have been the “knights of shining armor” in the field of sales and have saved numerous restaurants, hotels, and motels in the past decades.

Custom Neon signs are legends that are revered, therefore today we’ll look at their significance, power, and advantages.

  1. Center of attraction Signs that are neon is difficult to miss when driving down the highway. When you combine vibrant colors to create your logo, it automatically becomes the center of focus for the countless potential customers and clients that are in the market.
  2. Let your imagination run wild The neon sign boards are easy to create and maintain. The neon signboard can be used to create your logo, as well as other creative elements. They can be morphed into any shape. It is evident the endless possibilities for neon signs and storefront signage while traveling through Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, and so on. Since they don’t require an enormous amount of funds to design and put up, you can allow your imagination to design your ideal neon sign.
  3. Longevity – believe it or not, a well-designed neon signboard can serve you for at least 10 years. It is a one-time investment that will continue to draw customers to your establishment for many years without any new expenses. You can reap the advantages of a sign that has your brand name on it for at minimum ten years by selecting the appropriate one.

These are just one of the many advantages that can be gained from signage, which doesn’t necessarily translate into any real numbers. A study carried out by the University of Cincinnati showed that the proper use of signage could boost the sales of a company. In reality, one case showed a 15% rise in sales when the right signage was utilized. Here are a few additional statistics about signs and business profits that could change the way to look at neon signs today:

  1. A study published by Beery 2002 revealed that of the 100,000 customers, about 29 percent choose their stores according to the information shown on the signage.
  2. A study by Ketchum Global Research 2012 found that 68 percent of respondents said they purchased a product or service due to an advertisement that caught their attention. How can they now? They are amazing and very attractive! Anyone who owns a neon sign has something special to sell. Additionally, they are saving time by telling you what they are about. This can add some credibility to their brand.
  3. More than 70 % of the participants from the same survey think that the quality of signage shows the quality of the products and services provided by a brand.
  4. Neglected words or a poorly designed neon sign can cost you 52 percent of potential customers.
  5. The neon signs are a potent type of advertising that cannot be replaced by any kind of digital or social media marketing.
  6. Custom neon signs have always been a great way to increase sales in stores with regular sales or special promotions. The signs make the items get more attention and mean that every product is sitting on the shelves for less time. People want to know the details of the products you’re selling and your values.

Many cities and businesses are famous and famous by their neon signs such as The Coppertone Girl, Miami, Grain Belt Beer, Minneapolis, Vegas Vic, Vegas, Schrafft’s, Boston, and the Made in Oregon sign.

Neon signs are still popular with numerous retail store owners and shopkeepers because of the wide range of freedom that the platform offers. You can promote anything from beer to bed and breakfasts and people will pay attention. It is not necessary to approach advertising agencies, and you do not need the aid from media (including magazines, television newspapers, and magazines – although they may help, no one is saying they are not important) and yet you can reach your intended audience with substantial effectiveness.

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