Brilliant Business Corners: Stylish Neon Sign Placement Ideas

The lighting of business premises is essential to improve brand awareness and recall. This is the reason why many companies invest in and personalize neon LED signs to promote their brands. It is crucial to determine exactly where the neon sign must be placed in order to attract customers.

Echo Neon’s team of experts has assisted thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs to create neon signs. We know the best places in your business are for neon signs. We are here to help.

How Do You Hang a Business Neon Light?

Here are the best spots to hang a business neon light at your business space:

1. Decorate the Lobby or Reception

Your lobby is your waiting area and the place to greet potential guests and clients. This is the perfect place to add a bright neon light for your company. You can customize a neon sign with your company’s logo, motto, or tagline, and place it at the reception area. It will make sure that it is the first thing that guests see upon arriving at your office.

A business neon sign in the lobby could be an effective advertising tool. It is possible to customize the sign to display the list of services rendered by your company. The neon sign for your business will also illuminate your foyer with beautiful LED lights, creating the perfect spot to welcome guests.

2. In front of The Store

The front of your store is another ideal spot to display a business neon sign. It will catch the eye of motorists and pedestrians who pass by your business. A neon sign on the entrance of your store can also increase brand recognition and increase recall because customers are unlikely to forget where they encountered a neon light due to its eye-catching features.

If you own an eatery, you could put up neon restaurant signs on the outside of your establishment to draw hungry customers. The trendy colors and vibrant designs of the business neon signs also make them a form of visual entertainment at night. The lighting will decorate your business entrance and thrill your clients as they step into.

3. The Wall Behind The Countertop

Neon signs for business look great on the wall behind your counter. To create a formal setting the neon sign could show the company’s name in the space behind the counter. You can also put a set of neon signs for small businesses in the walls to create an image or wall art. This set makes a great background image for your website.

4. Let your guests see the sights

The variety of neon signs for businesses permits them to be used virtually anywhere within your workplace, so why not use the signs to show your guests the way?

There is a possibility of hanging a reception” neon sign in your lobby, or a stairs neon sign in the stairway to show where these areas are. To mark the exact location of offices in large companies and other large companies, neon signs are employed by business. It is a popular method to give information to visitors in and out of the building.

5. The Roof Outside

Rooftops are an excellent spot to showcase your neon sign. The neon sign posted on a rooftop can be seen from miles away, particularly at night. City-flyers or who live in tall buildings can see it.

So, if you want to reach the maximum number of people through your neon business light, you need to locate a pole on your roof and place it there.

However, you must make sure the neon sign is protected from elements (sun, snow, and rain). It is possible to build a transparent shade over the neon sign to guard it from the elements.

6. Nearby Dining and Sitting Areas

Get their attention by putting up a business neon sign on the wall beside them. The neon lights aren’t bright to make your customers uncomfortable or cause eye pains therefore, it’s best to use fun and interesting neon signs.

If you own the cafe, restaurant, bar, saloon, or hangout spot and want to attract customers, the bright light of the neon sign for business will provide a tranquil atmosphere in your business place. The neon sign will enhance your premises, and also provide a backdrop for the photos and videos of your customers.

An effective marketing tactic is to install signs with your brand’s logo or name in your restaurant’s dining and seating areas. Customers are able to take pictures of the neon sign, and then upload them to social media. This will promote the location for customers to come by.

7. By The Window

Are you looking to let your customers to know that you’re open? Install a business neon display in front of the window. This technique is employed by bookshops, convenience stores and diners to draw customers.

The neon sign that is open will attract drivers and pedestrians, especially in the evening. The neon’s glow will be enhanced by the glass window.

How Do You Know Where to put a neon light in Your Office Place?

Here are some expert advice for deciding the best places to put up a neon sign for your business. sign:

1. Are People able to See It?

A neon sign for business’s primary purpose is to grab the attention of people. The best spots should be at the top of the list for everyone to see. The perfect places to hang neon business signs are at the front entrance and the roof of the store.

2. Is it sending the right message?

This is a frequent issue with neon signs for businesses that provide directions, particularly those with names and an arrow. Make sure the arrow points towards the right area of the structure. The ideal place to hang a sign that reads “Stairs” is close to the staircase.

3. Does it make you feel Uneasy?

Be aware that neon signs for businesses are very bright and should not be located too close to the people. It is possible to hang the neon sign in the dining or sitting area by picking cool, soothing colors such as blue or purple. These colors aren’t too bright to bother anyone.

Additionally, the neon sign should not be placed too close to the people or too high up on the wall. You can use the built-in dimmer or remote control for your neon sign to reduce the brightness.

Are LED Neon Signs safe in the Business Place?

The LED neon signs are safe for business. To glow, our business neon signs do not use mercury, argon or neon. In order to create neon signs that shine, we use low energy LED bulbs. LED bulbs are safe and eco-friendly.

Signs for business are safe and quiet. Once the sign is installed, you can sit back and enjoy the numerous benefits of your business’s neon sign without any hazards.

Last words

In short Business neon signs can make your brand move closer to where you want it to be. The chic and vibrant colors of the signs can attract many more customers and will beautify your store. But the neon sign has to be placed in the ideal spot to benefit from these benefits.

The best spot for a business’s neon sign must be easily visible so it is seen by everyone. The sign should not block bright colors and light from the sign. Now that you know the ideal locations for a neon sign in a business and you’ve found the right place to buy it, go to Echo Neon to buy or personalize your sign.

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