Marvel Rising: Growing Your Fan Base Through Representative Storytelling

This is a big week for Marvel’s new animated franchise, Marvel Rising, as the cast of the stories join the VPs of animation and the writer on a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con today at 3:15pm Pacific Time. Preceding this comic-con debut, was a trailer Marvel released on Monday featuring a diverse young female cast of superheroes that are heralding in a new era for Marvel characters. The Marvel Universe is very excited about this new animated series that will be aired on August 13th on Disney XD with short episodes followed by a feature-length film on Disney Channel in the Fall. Marvel Rising is geared towards a specific audience as Marvel gives young women and girls characters that they can see themselves in. Executive Producer of Marvel Rising, Cort Lane explains in the video below how Marvel superhero stories find success by providing characters the audience can connect with. With Marvel Rising, Marvel expands its stories to provide characters for every kind of Marvel fan.



Marvel editor and co-executive producer of Marvel Rising, Sana Amanat told EW that the animated franchise “is a big storytelling celebration of Marvel heroes, for the next generation of Marvel fans.” She also reflects on Marvel’s growth in featuring new types of characters that are true to what the Marvel Universe is about “while also being truly reflective of the world outside your window.” The diverse group of young heroes in Marvel Rising, six of the eight main characters being women, is a huge step forward for representation in Marvel stories.

Executive Producer, Cort Lane, and his team sat down with young fans to make sure they had representative characters with stories these fans wanted to see. These conversations influenced the character designs of the Marvel Rising heroes as the girls asked for heroes with different body types. Lane’s team made sure that every female character had their own body type, showing that there is not one ideal version of a young woman. Through these conversations, Lane found that the young girls were “very open to the ethnic and religious diversity of the cast” including characters of various backgrounds like Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, Ms. Marvel. With a younger, more inclusive group of characters in a story that is driven by friendships between female superheroes, Marvel Rising has risen to the occasion of giving a new fan base a place in Marvel they can see themselves in.


Stories that are representative of the target market you want to appeal to do not just lend themselves to success in the Marvel Universe. Customers of businesses should be able to see themselves in all aspects of the products, services, and marketing efforts. For the market to see a business’ offering as something they would purchase, they must be able to see the benefit for people like them. A lot can be learned from Marvel Rising in making a purposeful effort to create stories that will give the audience representative characters. When businesses focus on their market, they can make their audience not only see themselves but also what they could be like or achieve with the addition of the business’ offering in their lives. Storytelling in business can effectively resonate with audiences and give a clear, memorable view of why the audience should become customers. The key to this business storytelling success in resonating with the potential customers is making sure the stories represent the audience and their unique wants and needs.

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