Driving B2B Sales with Seasonal Marketing

Are your company’s sales feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? Special events and holidays can be a great opportunity to remind customers that your product or service would be relevant and useful in their lives. Seasonal marketing capitalizes on certain times of year that have something distinctive about them that can affect buying behavior. This Valentine’s Day the chocolates, jewelry, and flowers are joined, among other deals, by BOGO burritos at Qdoba, discounted e-commerce orders at Old Navy, and specials on iTunes gift cards at Target. Seasonal marketing campaigns are not just for B2C businesses, B2B businesses can be successful in this practice as well by aligning their company to the occasion, timing marketing efforts, and creating compelling content.


Being aware of and staying relevant to the businesses you work with can be a powerful tool to connect with customers. Seasonal marketing could be used to take advantage of times during the fiscal or calendar year that demand for your offering is high or utilize events to remind customers of your business. The season or event is a hook that attracts the market to your brand and if you are able to provide engaging content, this interest can be converted into sales .

When approaching seasonal marketing with your company, try to find times during the fiscal or calendar year that are a good fit for your business and brand. A good starting point is looking into seasonal spikes in sales that are currently happening. This could reveal a trend of times where there is a certain draw to your offering. With events that are already boosting sales, there might be an opportunity to further enhance this spiked interest and entice the market to buy.

Looking beyond the more obvious fits, there might be days that your company could use that have not been tapped into for attracting attention to your products or services. Seasonal marketing can transform a previously not peak-period by giving your company’s offering a new relevance in the life of your customers. The most important part of any marketing effort is to be authentic. The occasion should be used in a way that feels true to your business and brand and provides value to customers.


To understand how each occasion might be affecting the market’s behavior, knowing the ebbs and flows of customers’ online searches can be very enlightening. For example, around the start of tax season there is an uptake in searching “tax changes for this year” or close to Christmas searches would spike for “holiday office party ideas”. A knowledge of how your market might be seeking out certain content or offerings at different times of the year will help you to create marketing materials and employ SEO practices that capitalize on these insights. Planning ahead with seasonal marketing is important as timing is an essential element. A seasonal campaign depends on having the right content during the times when it is most relevant to customers.

With today’s competitive environment for customers’ attention, content must not only be available at the right time; it must be creative and tell the story of the customer journey. The customer journey should end with them being better off after engaging with your business. This can be done through having helpful content, providing specials or deals, allowing customers to share their stories with interactive campaigns, or through sharing a storyline that evokes emotions and spurs sales.

Don’t let another holiday pass you by without taking advantage of the opportunities presented by seasonal marketing. Each time of year comes with a unique chance to draw in the attention of customers and make your offering relevant for them. Behavior of both customers and businesses tend to change with the seasons and your marketing efforts should too.

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